V0.0 (held 28 March 2018) is the “Ground Zero” of the #Unity4J Vigil series. It inspired the formation of #Unity4J.

As at 28 March 2019 (one year after Julian was gagged) #Unity4J has held 21 further online Vigils for Julian Assange.

Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom joins Suzie Dawson and a host of other supporters of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, in an online vigil event. Please donate to the Chelsea Manning defence fund – https://actionnetwork.org/fundraising…

Please donate to the Julian Assange / Wikileaks defence fund – https://www.gofundme.com/julian-assan…


0:00:00 Suzie Dawson, Leader Internet Party of New Zealand

0:07:20 Kim Dotcom, Internet Entrepreneur, Founder Internet Party

0:24:50 Elizabeth Lea Vos, Editor in Chief, Disobedient Media

1:55:10 Cassandra Fairbanks, Journalist

2:22:20 Emmy Butlin, WikiLeaks Ecuadorean Embassy vigil organiser

2:48:30 Ray McGovern, CIA whistleblower

3:55:25 Raymond Johansen & Bailey Lamon, Pirate Party International

4:29:05 Caitlin Johnstone, journalist

4:52:30 HA Goodman, journalist

6:11:20 John Kiriakou, CIA torture whistleblower

6:50:10 Lee Camp, comedian

7:45:50 Ron Placone, comedian

8:01:40 Tim Black, journalist

8:31:55 Trevor Fitzgibbon, publicist


As is being widely reported, WikiLeaks Editor In Chief Julian Assange has had his human right to freely communicate restricted, at the Ecuadorean Embassy in which he is arbitrarily detained. This includes the ability for him to receive visitors.

His friends, supporters and loved ones find this unacceptable and are coming together to demand Julian’s access to them be immediately restored.

We are calling upon members of the public in the UK to assemble at the Ecuadorian Embassy (4 Hans Crescent, Knightsbridge Station, opposite Harrods) to show their support for Julian.

Everyone unable to attend the Embassy in person is encouraged to join this online event to help raise awareness about Julian’s situation.

Please amplify the hashtag: #ReconnectJulian and share this video everywhere.

Video copied unaltered, from the “Suzi 3D” Youtube channel with the copyright holder’s permission. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2GEY…


Source: #Unity4J