High profile supporters of asylum- seeking Kiwi journalist launch new awareness campaign: #1vs5i

Political discrimination by Western-backed NGO’s due to Kiwi journalist Suzie Dawson’s affiliation with Julian Assange and WikiLeaks has left her young family at risk of detention or deportation from Russia where they are seeking temporary asylum, Dawson will tell a live online audience today.

International Human Rights lawyer Craig Tuck, who also represents Julian Assange, recently visited Dawson in Moscow to review her case and examine evidence of her claims of having been subjected and remaining vulnerable to persecution by security agencies in her home country of New Zealand.

In a campaign video launching the new #1vs5i movement in support of Ms Dawson, Mr Tuck says: “If Suzie’s asylum claim is unsuccessful then the system is broken.”

Mr Tuck will also appear live at today’s event as will Kiwi media stalwart Martyn ‘Bomber’ Bradbury, who has also faced political persecution for his role in social movements when he worked alongside Ms Dawson.

This week it was reported that New Zealand Police are currently trying to introduce ‘secret’ evidence in legal proceedings filed by Mr Bradbury in the New Zealand Human Rights Tribunal as a result of his having been unlawfully targeted.

Rounding out the event panel, world renowned whistleblower John Kiriakou, CIA veteran Ray McGovern and filmmaker Vivian Kubrick will also speak at the live event, both to advocate for the protection of Ms Dawson and her family, and to address the wider issues of abusive behaviours by security services and their often extrajudicial targeting of citizens of the West.

Official UNHCR statistics released last week show that 38 New Zealanders have been granted refugee status, and 18 have applied for asylum in the last year.

Ms Dawson said “When I first claimed asylum in 2016, some did not take my case seriously because of my New Zealand citizenship. Now we know my situation is not an anomaly. Many activists and dissident journalists are not safe in their home countries and it’s not OK to ignore our suffering just because of where we were born. My situation requires temporary asylum and it is my wish that temporary asylum be granted to us as is our right.»

An organising platform for the #1vs5i movement will be unveiled at today’s live event and members of the public will be invited to join the campaign to protect Ms Dawson and her family from detention and deportation, and to raise awareness of the problem of Western dissidents and journalists being targeted by state security agencies and their sub-contractors.

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