This is an epic battle – one woman versus the «Five Eyes» intelligence agencies – and exiled Kiwi journalist Suzie Dawson needs your help to win it! She is taking the fight against unlawful spying on citizens to the next level with the launch of the #1vs5i campaign.

Having dedicated years of her life to defending at-risk whistleblowers, journalists and targets of the state like Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Kim Dotcom, Suzie’s own liberty and life are at risk so we are building a public support campaign to help protect and empower her to continue doing what she does best: holding the powerful to account for the benefit of us all.

You can help by:

* Visiting the campaign website: & joining the email list there to get updates

* Sharing and contributing to the campaign donation page:… or donate to & share the campaign Bitcoin donation address: 1ELfUNSAWMCUwRHy11X4yK5x3ifQD8TtXX

* Monitoring and amplifying the hashtag #1vs5i on social media

* Learning more about Suzie, reading and sharing her work at her official personal website:

* Following @Suzi3D, @HelpSuzi3D and @1vs5i on Twitter

* Watching this campaign short video and sharing it!

Thanks in advance for your love, support and solidarity


– Suzie’s Campaign Team


Source: Suzi 3D