Julian Assange appeared physically and mentally deteriorated in his recent UK court appearance. Craig Murray’s recent account reinforces concerns that the award-winning publisher Assange is suffering the effects of torture. Murray also recounts the many troubling procedural irregularities in the handling of the case by UK authorities.


Pete Buttigieg addresses Dack Rouleau’s questions on Assange in a new video.

Taylor and Charles discuss.

Table of Contents:

Assange in Court, 1:18: https://youtu.be/hXwBddQUkzE?t=78

Signs of US Influence in Court 6:20: https://youtu.be/hXwBddQUkzE?t=380

UK Magistrate Refuses to Consider Postpone Extradition Hearing While Embassy Spying Case Develops, 10:13: https://youtu.be/hXwBddQUkzE?t=613

UK Magistrate Refuses to Consider Whether Extradition Violates UK Treaty Prohibiting Transfer of Political Prisoners, 14:23: https://youtu.be/hXwBddQUkzE?t=863

Mayor Pete on Pardoning Assange, 28:46: https://youtu.be/hXwBddQUkzE?t=1726

Buttigieg Audience Applauds Torture? 38:29:https://youtu.be/hXwBddQUkzE?t=2306

Framing the Question: Buttigieg Agrees with Trump on Assange Issue, 43:30: https://youtu.be/hXwBddQUkzE?t=2610

1vs5i Updates 55:44: https://youtu.be/hXwBddQUkzE?t=3344


Craig Murray’s summary of the court proceedings: https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/archiv…

Dack Rouleau’s video questioning Pete Buttigieg on Assange: https://youtu.be/wawBpg1QDvo


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Source: Plebis Project