Top leaders of the Chinese Communist Party may be fleeing Beijing, and this may include Xi Jinping. We look at public reporting coming out of China, and several anomalies in reporting, as well as timings between their public appearances and shift to video conferences, suggest that the top seven members of the Politburo Standing Committee may have fled.

And when movements began under the Obama administration to tear down statues of Confederates, many conservatives, including Trump, were criticized for claiming the rioters would eventually target statues of American figures including the founding fathers. And the predictions are now proving accurate. Statues of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and others have been destroyed. Even statues of Mohandas Gandhi and Miguel de Cervantes, a Spanish writer and former slave, have been vandalized.

The movements we’re now watching sweep the United States to destroy history are not new, and neither are the narratives being used to excuse it. We’ll discuss the history of movements like this, and look at why extremists want to destroy statues, historical relics, and the cultures they represent.


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Source: Crossroads with JOSHUA PHILIPP