What if the last three years had never happened the way they did? What if there were colossal ideas, events and facts that were purposefully misrepresented or even hidden from the public that could have completely changed the world as we now know it? And what would happen when those truths came to light?

Phillip Magnus is the Director of Research & Education at AIER. He was actually the person who had done the FOIA request on the Fauci emails, the same emails that Fauci is now being questioned about in court by the Attorneys General of Missouri, Louisiana, and the New Civil Liberties Alliance. “On November 23, 2022, Fauci sat for a sworn deposition about his own actions in directing the United States’ pandemic response” and his role in suppressing so-called misinformation. In the FOIA request emails, Phil Magness and his colleagues discovered something wholly unexpected: “In early October of 2020, Dr. Francis Collins, then Director of the National Institutes of Health, ordered Fauci and his trusted lieutenant Clifford Lane to wage “a quick and devastating published take down (sic)” of a declaration written by eminent epidemiologists from Harvard, Stanford and Oxford. The GBD was based on long withstanding, evidence-based pandemic policies, but the problem was, it directly competed with the interests of the top-down, unprecedented response to a respiratory virus.

What would the last three years have looked like if we hadn’t had lockdowns, masks, mandates? If we hadn’t have had the Hunter Biden story and the GBD censored and suppressed through Big Tech, with the involvement of the highest levels of governmental institutions?

Is it possible that all of this was in violation of the first amendment?

The Twitter files and the Fauci deposition are exposing the collusion between Big Tech and Big Government, and how that symbiotic relationship made it possible to craft narratives that changed the course of history.

Phillip Magness has a unique perspective as an insider on the Fauci files. What I really wanted to ask him first, was “what do you see as the thread that ties this together”?

In this video, we’re going to be discussing the Fauci Deposition and Twitter Files Reveal Big Tech and Government Collusion. These documents show that the big tech companies have been working collaboratively with the government for years and that there is much more collusion going on than we originally thought.

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