What has happened to America? How did we get here?

The 2008 financial crisis. Cronyism. Globalism vs. Economic nationalism. The rust belt. The rise of China. Lockdowns. The culture wars. The 1619 project. Critical Race Theory. Radical woke ideologies permeating our institutions and our schools. America first. Left vs right. The Age of Chaos.

America feels lost. How can we find our common ground again?

Samuel Gregg is Distinguished Fellow in Political Economy and Senior Research Faculty at the American Institute for Economic Research and author of the Next American Economy: Nation, State and Markets in an Uncertain World. He argues that the perennial debates about America’s identity go all the way back to the founding, and that the key to repairing what seems broken lies in the ideas of the Constitution. He believes that there’s still hope for the people of the United States and the American experiment, but first we need to recognize that America is at an economic crossroads. Will you choose liberty or state control?

Source: AIER Library

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